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Thread: Coachella Will Offer 4 Person Lake Eldorado Spots on Friday

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    Default Coachella Will Offer 4 Person Lake Eldorado Spots on Friday

    Just got the email offering to switch my current order (Eldorado Teepee) to a 4 person spot. I know they only offered 2 person spots in teepees for the pre sale. Good to know the 4 person tents will be back as well.

    Dear Coachella 2014 Lake Eldorado Teepee Purchaser,

    We are now offering the Lake Eldorado Four Person Tent Camping & Festival Passes Package and we have made them available to you before the general public! You can refund your original order and purchase from these new options before anyone else. Here are the pricing options:

    4 Person GA Tent: $2900
    4 Person VIP Tent: $4700

    If you would like to make this change prior to the general on sale, please contact Front Gate Tickets at 888.512.SHOW. Once passes go on sale to the general public, the purchase will be subject to availability of the Lake Eldorado Tent packages.

    Coachella I Front Gate Tickets

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    Default Re: Coachella Will Offer 4 Person Lake Eldorado Spots on Friday

    Anyone willing to share one?

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