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Thread: VIP Teepee Package

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    Cool VIP Teepee Package

    hey, just wondering if you have the VIP teepee package if you get a guaranteed spot on the lake or if you have to get there early to get a good spot?

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    There might be 20 tee pees...... They are all around the hazardous Lake that is Eldorado. It's hotter than Hades' bitches titties! One really won't be better than the other, so take your time as I scoop your cots and SB!! kidding. Show whenever you'll get the same as everyone!

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    Stank is correct -- the teepees get hot as fuck. There are no "good spots" for the teepees. Beats teh hell out of getting rammed in the poonyang by one of those PS piledrivers though. Believe me -- I know.

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