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Thread: Carpooling to Coachella from SF/East Bay

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    Default Carpooling to Coachella from SF/East Bay

    Driving to Coachella for the third year in row. I have a 3 day pass and a camping pass as well. I can take 2-3 people as a carpool. You must be traveling the Thursday before the show and the Monday after the show as well. I also have a tent so I can share as well if need be. Even if you are not camping onsite that is ok as well...
    NO FLAKES!! If you need a ride I am happy to help out. If you are looking for a backup look elsewhere (not fair for people who really need a ride!)
    I am a pretty easy going person and have done the carpool in the past. It always works out and is a lot of fun as well.
    Drop me a line and I will get in touch with you.

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    Default Re: Carpooling to Coachella from SF/East Bay

    Hey me and my 2 mates from Ireland will be in San Fran. Want to leave on Thursday if the offer is still there:-)

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