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    Question Bringing Alcohol

    So i noticed they said only a reasonable amount of alcohol allowed to be brought into camp. Do they really search your vehicles? People who have attended before, did you only bring one box of beer? How much could be considered reasonable?

    Also is more alcohol available for purchase in the campsite? Or just in the festival grounds?

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    Yes, they really search your vehicles. But here's the thing: there's a grocery store right down the road, with shuttles from the campground, so you can always get more.

    There is alcohol for purchase in the campsite, but the pricing is terrible, and you'd rather go to the grocery store.

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    Yeah, they do search your car thoroughly. We took a crate each, which is officially judged to be a responsible amount. I imagine they wouldn't be too arsed if you brought more, as long as you're not bringing an utterly ridiculous amount.

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    i arrived around 10pm, and idk if it was too late or whatever, but they barely searched our car

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    No Glass. so pour your shitty vodka in water bottles and your shitty rum in apple juice containers.

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    if they have suspicion that you may have drugs, like they find a nug on the floor, they'll tear your car apart. dont be that guy that holds up the line. if they have no suspicion, the search will be quick

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    Last time I camped, there were 4 ppl in our group and we had about 5-6 cases of beer. The search was pretty chill. We gave them some cold ones and were on our way.

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    They barely even search our car. Pack it so that it's a hassle to get to your cooler and don't have anything obvious (glass bottles) and you'll probably be fine.

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    It depends on who's searching. Our car got torn apart despite the fact that it was tightly packed and we had nothing banned in it. I brought a 30 pack for myself and each of the people with me had 30 packs as well. The only thing they made us get rid of was one person's gluten-free beer, since it was in a bottle. She gave them one and they were fine with her keeping the rest (and I'm sure when they tried the beer the regretted that. Gluten free, fuck that.)
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    I was there around 1pm. There were four of us in the car and I was the only guy in the group. Because they had to look for a guy to search me they didn't even check our car. They just said "Oh I think we checked them. Yeah what ever they are good" and we drove right in, didn't even get patted down or anything.

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