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    not sure why they don't have their own thread, so here it is. they played the west coast last year, their very first european tour starts soon, and then the east coast for the first time in over 10 years. and more new music coming! from a recent interview with conor:

    Are we likely to see more new material from Desaparecidos?


    the entire interview is pretty great. he talks about seeing leonard cohen at coachella.

    good times.

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    High probability that no one cares.

    Let's talk about Leonard Cohen's Coachella set instead. That shit was incredible. "Bird On a Wire" > "Everybody Knows" > "Who By Fire" was just what the doctor ordered.
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    No Taj Mahal or Ry Cooder? Fuck this thread.

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    7" with two new songs coming out in march. preorder starts tomorrow. they played the two new songs at the troubador back in august. ive resisted watching any live videos from those shows. excited to listen to them recorded. european tour start tomorrow.

    this is awesome! despite apparently no one else thinking so.

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