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    Anyone listen to this guy? I really like his stuff, and he's playing in Sacramento on Feb. 9. Not sure it's worth the long drive, but I have read his live show is funky. Anybody seen him live?

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    Great live but I'd wait for an sf show. He plays here quite often
    6/24 deltron 3030 slim's
    6/29 baths great american music hall
    07/21 david byrne & st vincent fox theater
    07/26 the postal service greek theater
    07/31 run the jewels the independent
    08/09-11 outside lands music festival
    09/19-23 $ymbiosis gathering
    10/19-20 treasure island music festival

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    Yeah, he plays in SF reguarly. Kinda funkier glitch-hop shit, he's a really good producer.

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    I'll be at the Harlow's show, super stoked. Wanted to catch him at the Pretty Lights after party in Reno last year, but never quite made it. This one is walking distance, so I'm amped.
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    Thanks for the info all. Wish there was a Bay Area show on the books...Also, thanks for the sig of Bonobo @ the Warfield, definitely getting tickets to that on Friday.

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    Stoked for Polish ambassador show at Harlow's-should be fun.

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