There are like 10000000000000000000 people in the same boat.

Everyone wants to trade their Weekend 2 for Weekend 1.

Nobody is going to respond to your thread. You will face utter shame, humiliation, and disappointment.

Trying to swap Weekend 2 for Weekend 1 on this forum is like going to AdultFriendFinder and posting, "Looking to swap my 45-year-old, 300-pound wife for a hot, blond, fit 25-year-old. Contact me if interested!"

.... except you'd actually have a better chance on AdultFriendFinder because of the existence of chubby chasers.

You are never going to find any chumps to swap Weekend 1 for Weekend 2 here. Not going to happen. The few people looking to make such a trade have already been swamped with 10 million requests.

This has been a public service announcement.