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Thread: Selling Shuttle Pass

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    Default Selling Shuttle Pass

    This will be my first year attending Coachella, weekend 1 GA tickets are sold-out. So I'm going to end up buying a weekend 1 ticket with a shuttle pass. Is there anyway i can sell the shuttle pass? Is the shuttle pass a separate document, or is there some kind of shuttle/GA wristband. If possible I will probably end up selling it for $30-40 on craigslist or ebay. Thank you

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    Default Re: Selling Shuttle Pass

    How about waiting to see if you even manage to get a Weekend 1 Pass with Shuttle tomorrow before asking these what-if questions?

    More likely than not, your attempts to get one will fail miserably.

    But yes, you can sell the shuttle pass. But I imagine they won't go for very much money because everyone else will be trying to sell them, too.

    Front Gate really shit the bed by selling out all individual Weekend 1 tickets in the presale.
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