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    Default Ben Howard

    Couldn't find a thread, this guy is awesome.


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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    Yeah - he's really incredible.
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    Very nice...mid afternoon in the Gobi when I'm tryin to stay cool...please give this guy (& us) some shade!
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    He puts on a awesome show, I saw him twice a Bonnaroo last year and trust me this is not a show you should miss.

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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    very happy to stumbled onto this

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    Quote Originally Posted by billtino View Post
    Very nice...mid afternoon in the Gobi when I'm tryin to stay cool...please give this guy (& us) some shade!
    This is the perfect formula for him. I like him a lot.

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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    Really looking forward to his set!
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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    Feeling this. Madly.

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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    bump this up, trust me do not miss this show!

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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    Saw him last week. Have to admit that I was really not into it, but I agree he does put on a really good show if acoustic centric music is your thing. Plays with a good backing band too.

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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    thanks for sharing this. Very interested in seeming him live.

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    Does anyone have a hunch at what time and stage he will play? I agree with all of you, definitely someone you don't want to miss!
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    He seems to be a cut (or more) above the other singer-songwriter types on the lineup, including Jake Bugg, Alex Clare and Allen Stone. Hoping for a Saturday 3.30 slot at the outdoor, chilling on the blanket.

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    He makes Ed Sheeran look like Ozzy Osbourne. This guy frickin sucks

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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    I will be checking this out depending on conflicts.
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    I've had this remix on replay a lot this year -

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    Default Re: Ben Howard

    really really really looking forward to this set. love his cd

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