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After FYF, I see Yeasayer on the main so that is why I put them there but I can also see them on the Outdoor or even Mojave.

I also picture the XX on the main then the younger crowd moving over to see Hot Chip close the outdoor after while the dedicated Sigur Ros fans are at the main stage set before Phoenix. Sigur Ros more than deserve the "Animal Collective" awkward middle spot in between the much more popular band (Mumford & Sons/xx) and the closer.

FYI, I am using the 2011 set times almost exactly because we had a 6th stage that year. Still, not having the exact times on the spread sheet for each act trips people up while looking at it.
There is absolutely no way Yeasayer is on the main. Sigur Ros may deserve the Animal Collective spot in your mind, but when has the #4 led into the headliner ever? In fact, when has the #2 NOT led into the headliner unless they are an EDM act, leaving the #3 to lead into the headliner? On the craziest day of the festival, I think the only undisputed thing we have is Postal --> xx --> Phoenix.