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Thread: Early Set Time Predictions 2013

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    Default Early Set Time Predictions 2013

    Before clumsy or boourns or someone makes the individual day set time prediction game threads what are some early thoughts on how the set times will go? Will there for sure be a 6th stage? If so, what music will be in it and how long will the acts be allowed to play?

    Just filling in the 3 days rather quickly it seems Friday and Saturday are too stacked to fit 5 stages while Sunday fits just right.

    This leads me to believe that some of these artists (I'm hoping some of the better EDM gets such as Richie Hawtin so he can have an extended set time) will be performing late night on a stage in the campsite.

    My predictions:

    Boourns' predictions:

    Quote Originally Posted by Boourns View Post
    I've started work on Friday and Saturday:
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