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Thread: RV Park - which one?

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    Default RV Park - which one?

    Just wanted to see if anyone had any good/bad experiences of the RV parks?

    Any information would be good (as long as it is relevant to the question...)

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    I've been staying at Indian wells for the last four years. Nice facilities there's three pools each with a hot tub, BBQ and private bathrooms with showers and laundry. It's a good group and there's plenty of late night partying at the pools but it's still quiet enough to get all the sleep you want. The permanent residents are all friendly and seem to enjoy it when Coachella people come through. The location is great with plenty of liquor an grocery stores just down the street and a wal mart less than a mile away. It's about 3.5 miles from the polo fields so it would be a bit of a walk but bringing a bike and riding it to the show is a must. The 15 minute ride to the show has become one of the little things I enjoy the most about going to Coachella, it's nice to ride your bike by the lines of cars and occasionaly hearing someone say "shit! we should have brought bikes!". Stop by and say hi if you end up staying here I'll be right across from the putting greens.
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    Great stuff. Whilst I would be more than happy with bikes, we're coming from the U.K. via Vegas so probably won't be able to get hold of any. Is there a shuttle?

    There's also some people in my group who would have a heart attack if they rode a bike.....

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