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Thread: SF EAST BAY AREA????

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    Default SF EAST BAY AREA????

    I am thinking about attending this year, but I do not have anyone to go with...which kinds sucks.

    I live near Napa, and I am wondering if anyone else is serious about going that may want to either tag along or help me out with a ride. If interested, please message me. I plan on buying a pass first thing tuesday morning.


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    Default Re: SF EAST BAY AREA????

    I will be living in San Francisco central. Is that anywhere close?

    Sorry I am not from the US and dont know whether or not I am near you/

    I would love to Tag Along though


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    Default Re: SF EAST BAY AREA????

    How is Napa EAST bay? East bay is like Pleasanton, Hayward, Livermore, etc. you know, EAST of San Francisco Bay. Napa is for sure part of the North Bay.

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    Default Re: SF EAST BAY AREA????

    I have seats open. Leaving Wednesday at midnight, coming back monday morning. Weekend 1.

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    Default Re: SF EAST BAY AREA????

    weekend 2?

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    Default Re: SF EAST BAY AREA????

    if anyone still needs a ride in the bay let me know!
    w1 only

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