I will be the first to admit that I probably know more "bros" than the majority of people on this site, and as such, my Facebook has been blazing all day with Daft Punk this, Swedish House that, etc. All of them, and I do mean all of them, are selling their tickets and are furious, and are pretending they know about music to claim the lineup is "irrelevant" and "garbage".

So the question I'm wondering is this. There is going to be a giant exodus of fairweather party fans, a "great purge", if you will. I think this is going to make the crowd amazing. I even think the Sahara is going to be a blast. The new attendees that are drawn to this type of lineup are going to absolutely love this festival. However, are there enough of them to actually sustain two weekends, and provide for a solid presale next year? Even if the lineup sells out, the secondary market of people who snagged up presale tickets hoping for SHM redux is going to be pretty sizable...are there really two weekends worth of people that dig this enough to drop the cash on it? I'm wondering if Weekend 2 will be sparse.

I hope not, because I think the crowd is going to be amazing and I want to see Coachella succeed here so we can continue to have these types of lineups...maybe without RHCP next time, hah.