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Thread: Red Hot Chili Peppers Booking Came 'Down to the Wire'

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    Default Red Hot Chili Peppers Booking Came 'Down to the Wire'

    Figures. This held up the lineup, and it was a lame last minute pick IMO. Seriously, is anyone here excited to see them? The lineup is pretty sweet overall...and RHCP as a headliner brought it down a few notches.

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers signed on to headline Coachella about an hour before the annual Indio, California, festival announced its lineup last night, one of the band's managers tells Rolling Stone. "We've been in talks for months," says Cliff Burnstein, whose firm, Q Prime, also manages Metallica, the Black Keys and other top rock acts. "It goes down to the wire. It's a negotiation."
    "We'll be right in the target demo for Coachella. It's surprising, but it's true," says Burnstein, who adds that the band plans to start writing a new album this year. "We figured out if they have 180,000 people over the two weekends, there's a good chance that 10 percent or less would've actually seen the Chili Peppers at a previous Coachella. It seemed like it would actually be, in many ways, a very fresh thing."
    Here's the link to the full story
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