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How does the 2011 poster have ANYTHING to do with this year or the two weekend setup?
Because thats the only other year in recent history that had two headliners in the top spot. The only other time before 2011 was back in 99' and the poster was completely different then so you cant really refer to that year. Back in 2011 no one really knew who was gonna get the top spot till the set times were released but it ended up being Kanye. If you look at the 2011 poster and the 2013 poster you will notice that even though the days are different for the co-headliners the line setups are the same. (friday and sunday always have the headliners on the left side of the poster and the dates on the right side) So based on that and the fact that the poster is different for weekend one and weekend two you can decipher that the Stone Roses will get the W1 headliner spot and Blur will get the W2 headliner spot.