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RHCP are the only headliner listed as a headliner. If you think Phoenix are a headliner, then you haven't heard them. I think the fact that the XX are billed so high shows that Coachella has run out of ideas. The XX are one of the most garbage bands people have been speculating to play Coachella. A waste of concert space for the two or three tolerable songs they have. RHCP is actually sort of genius. I was a fan of theirs in the 90s, as were a lot of you. We grew up, and RHCP kept making music unfortunately. The people who like RHCP now think that Stadium Arcadium was a great album, which, compared to their previous efforts, is absolutely false. I'm going to be wanting RHCP from the movie Thrashin. Not RHCP wearing emo socks on their arms. We'll see how it turns out though, apparently. Looking forward to see them, socks on their cocks, or socks on their arms. Let's have a good double weekend, ya'lls.
I at least know I'm gonna have fun at Phoenix's set. They should have been the weak Black Keys headliner; that would have been okay. The Stone Roses have a special place in my heart with a lot of sentimental value and I'm going to enjoy that, but should they be a headliner? FUCK NO. They are a headliner in my heart but they do not belong. Blur I am thinking might be the surprise hit of the weekend depending on crowd energy so we'll see with that. Then we get the fucking RHCP. I mean, even the bros who love them are complaining about this shit. What have they done to deserve being the first triple headliner in the festival's history? And especially after headlining everything in fucking 2012?