My favorite discovery on this year's lineup, thanks to Pot and M Sparks. I have become obsessed with these guys.
Sparks are an amazing glam rock/new wave band formed in 1971 in Los Angeles. With catchy riffs, witty lyrics, and an awesome look, they are the complete package. They have many good albums, but as M Sparks suggested, the essentials are 1974's Kimono My House, 1982's Angst In My Pants, 1994's Gratuitous Sax & Useless Violins, and 2002's Lil Beethoven. But you really can't go wrong with these guys. I think the best thing about Sparks is that they never meant to be a "serious" band, just good fun, though they ended up being more profound than most.

(They have more awesome songs posted in the Sparks thread in the Line-Up/Artists section)