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Thread: Dead Can Dance!

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    Some shots from weekend 2:

    Such an amazing set!

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    Awesome shots! Can I use the last one (the red tint) for my Coachella facebook page?

    Weekend 2 bootleg:!WlhgQShI!ddq3IW...RU7WV7kCs6t9yw

    EDIT: also I think you may have been right behind me, as I think that's the back of my head in the last shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apachedino View Post
    Prydz was really nice weekend 1. Glad we got to do both, and even caught Disclosure playing Latch afterwards. Perfect.
    Totally did the same thing and it was awesome! I did try to see Parov Stelar before Prydz weekend 1, and damn it i wished someone had told us that they were not going to show up before I wasted 15 mins standing around wondering how I got so close and why they were so late to such a short set.

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    Yes feel free to use the photos for your page

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