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The Stone Roses have a special place in my heart. They were one of the first bands that really changed my music tastes back when I was around 13/14 or so. I will have a blast at their set... but why the fuck exactly would you expect the average person in America to know who they are in 2013? Seriously, give me one good reason. Most music geeks even think these dudes have one really good album, which isn't really that far off the truth to begin with. There is absolutely no reason these guys should be headlining the "best" music festival in America.
I am not talking about the average person. People who are apparently going to Coachella have not heard of them. You would expect these people to have enough knowledge about guitar music to be aware of them, considering they will be spending quite a bit of money to go to a festival which is full of guitar bands. Even my mum has heard of them FFS.