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Thread: JAPANDROIDS. A great band that you should probably go see.

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    Default JAPANDROIDS. A great band that you should probably go see.

    And by probably, I mean don't miss them. This set is definitely going to be a highlight for anyone who checks them out on Friday.

    A Japandroids show is completely euphoric. The energy and earnestness of the band is completely contagious and they win over any crowd they play too. You will jump. You will yell. You will sing. You may even cry. You will grab a complete stranger and look them in the face as you yell every word to them. You will be covered in beer. You will be covered in beer. And most importantly, you will be smiling ear to ear with a big dumb grin after the show is done.

    So don't be a fool and miss this band. You will regret it.

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