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Thread: Collaboration/Jam Tent?

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    I imagine a smaller size tent set up with equipment (amps, mics, instruments, turntables, a modest synth array, etc) that would just be ready to go all day. Any artists that wanted could just stop by at any time to pick up an instrument (or use their own, somehow) and jam together for a while. You would never know who would be on stage or who exactly would stop by. Bands could use it as a chance to get together and play with friends they don't often have the chance to or to warm up for their sets. Can you imagine some of the insane things that could happen? It would basically be an entire weekend of the Bonnaroo Superjam in a tent. Any thoughts? Could such a thing ever be a possibility?

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    I have imagined the exact same thing. I think a whole fest with this set up would be dope. The trick would be picking the right artists, the right equipment and then making the vision clear to the artists. I could see Lightning in a Bottle pull off the concept before I could see a fest like Coach pull it off.


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    They have had art in the past that people can make different tones from, and also I believe there was a State Farm sponsored music school on festival site one year, it may have just been a "How to CDJ" class though....

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