Ah yes. It is that time of year. Time for Goldenvoice make some decisions on to which food vendors will be at Coachella this coming April...

As the head of BAC (Burgeritos At Coachella), I have put together the following

Since 2009, The Coachella Music and Arts Festival has really dropped the ball. They have not included the Burgerito stand as one of the food vendors. Burgeritos were a very tasty treat, which combined burgers and burritos into one delectable meal. They were the perfect meal. Yummy and nutritious. If you are vibe'in out at the Gobi, ravin at the Sahara, or rockin out at the outdoor stages, Burgeritos kept you going for hours. Then all of a sudden Bugeritos were no longer an option. The void has been growing ever since.
Well we here at the BAC have had ENOUGH! We are taking a stand. If there will be no Burgeritos, there will be no US. And let me tell you, the BAC right now has 10s of people who will not be attending until our insatiable appetite for Burgeritos is met.
So this is your last chance Goldenvoice. We dont want to have to go to the media with this. Make the right choice and bring our beloved Burgeritos back.