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Thread: HOUSE TO SHARE WEEKEND TWO $600 per person

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    It's on the golf course at PGA West and it's gorgeous. Looking for responsible adults who can have a good time, won't have a problem with late nights at the pool, but also won't take things over the top. Two of us are forties two are twenties, we don't care how old you are as long as you are cool and kind. Musicians please bring your instrumentsYou have to be over your house trashing days if you ever had any. You'll be asked to put up a deposit for cleaning and security that is equal to your share. Right now it's got an eight person max it looks like the Casita and one of the two other bedrooms are gone. If I get the security deposit back, you get your part of it back, which is $125 of the fee. Everyone should expect to be part of the cleanup at checkout please. This isn't cheap housing but it's a bargain for what it is.



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    So I secured the house and it sleeps eight. It's probably not a problem to go up to ten if people want to share a bedroom past two of you or there are some who will take the living room. I've got a couple already interested for that. But nobody booked. If anyone lives in Los Angeles and wants to meet to see if the house is a match just send me a PM and I will send you a link to the property specs. You will be joyful beyond to stay in this place. It's just awesome.


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