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Thread: Weekend 1 GA Pass

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    Default Weekend 1 GA Pass

    I sold this bitch, leave me alone!
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    i'll be following your thread. if, when tix go on sale, and they are gone before i get the vips i want, i'll check in to see if you've sold your tix. i live in La Quinta!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboydan View Post
    I think I found the weekend 2 tickets I need so I no longer need my weekend 1 pass.

    Asking $350, no trades. We can either modify the delivery information on frontgate or I can get you the pass once it's delivered to me.

    If you're in SoCal we can work out a way to do the payment/information update in person
    I'd like to buy that pass from you right now. i live near El Centro, California.
    Let me know if you still have it.


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    Sold to the top bidder for 1 trillion dollars

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    A little late in the thread but If your looking for a buyer for the pass I'm down. Cause I won't be able to be logged in during the sales date given I have a huge exam early in the morning that day that I can't miss.

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