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    Default WANTED: 2 WKND 2 PASSES

    Hi! I am looking for 2 GA passes for the 2nd weekend; My sister and I are from Texas and we've never been! Help us go!

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    Default Re: WANTED: 2 WKND 2 PASSES

    nobody has ga passes yet wait till people actually want to sell their tickets i got a braclet last year from this website a bunch of people would post threads about selling passes so my advice is just wait till april
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    Default Re: WANTED: 2 WKND 2 PASSES

    I'm in need to sell my one GA weekend 2 ticket for facevalue!!! give me a txt at 6478012434 or email me at I just got my wristband in the mail so we can definitely work something out!

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    Default Re: WANTED: 2 WKND 2 PASSES

    I'm selling weekend 2 passes and from TX also! Please email me if you are interested. - I'm located in Houston, TX.

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    Default Re: WANTED: 2 WKND 2 PASSES

    I have 3 weekend 2 tickets and will sell for face value. I unfortunately can't make it and am trying to sell my tix, ill sell you 2. Email me at

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    Default Re: WANTED: 2 WKND 2 PASSES

    Got two tickets too! Willing to sell for face OBO. We're from Toronto, but we're also going to Coachella. Will meet up face to face and walk through the gates with you 101% legit!

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    Default Re: WANTED: 2 WKND 2 PASSES

    I've got 1 weekend 2 pass, and a car camping pass too, hit me up if you're interested! 805.832.1464 or
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    Default Re: WANTED: 2 WKND 2 PASSES

    I have two Weekend 2 passes available if you are still interested. Was selling them for a total of $640. Email me at

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