I've been going to Coachella now for the past 6 years and it is the highlight of my years music diet. I travel from Boston to LA then the road trip to the Valley. THIS IS a right of passage type of trip for me that allows me to stay current in a world that I love.....NEW MUSIC with a touch of main stream. it also rings in spring and summer, do to its mild CA temps compared to that back in Boston but once you return things back in beantown start warming up. Anyway, for the last few years or more cant really remember exactly, I have been doing the presale deal and loved it. Unfortunately my work email address was the one that was registered on my frontgate account. So when i left my job in May I missed the front presale notification and the emial wasnt forwarded to me.

DOES ANYONE WANT TO SELL WEEKEND 2. Please I need 2 for weekend 2.

Much appreciated and see you at the LAB!