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Thread: Need a ride & camping for weekend 2?

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    Red face Need a ride & camping for weekend 2?

    We are driving from Ventura, CA either thursday night or friday morning! 2 girls heading up for weekend 2. Have room for up to 3 people in my car and room on our car campsite! Willing to pick up in Ventura county/ LA on the way. Must be willing to contribute to gas. Our first time to Coachella and we would love to make friends to enjoy it with!
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    Would you be willing to do a pick up in Orange County? I have two tickets, but right now none of my friends can go. I'm thinking about selling them, but I was really looking forward to going. It would be my first time too I would love to find some other girls to go with. I can definitely help out with gas. I have a prop 215 recommendation etc and camping gear too!

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    Sorry but OC is a little out of our way, if you had a way to get to LA/burbank area then I would gladly take you along!

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    Hey im in sacramento.. I can meet you in LA and chip you gas for a ride, I really need to find a place to camp. hit me up 2 let me know

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    My friend and I are looking for a ride to Coachella.
    We decided last minute to go Coachella and celebrate my birthday there.

    We can definitely pitch in for gas. We live in LA and also looking to make new friends! It's my first time going too.

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