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Thread: Wristbands tethered to camping pass?

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    Default Wristbands tethered to camping pass?

    I have car camping. My buddy has tent camping. We want to trade. Neither of us have activated our wristbands yet.

    I heard a rumor that the camping passes are tethered to the wristband. So would I have to give him my wristband (or both, since I bought two wristbands in the order) and camping pass, and he'd give me his?

    To make that process potentially worse, I heard another rumor that when you activate your wristband, it has to be activated by the original name and info on the account that purchased it initially. Is that true?

    If all of that is true, is there any way for my buddy and I to trade with each other?

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    Default Re: Wristbands tethered to camping pass?


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    Default Re: Wristbands tethered to camping pass?

    Trade wristbands, then activate them in your own names.
    It doesn't matter who the original purchaser was.
    It needs to be activated by whomever is going to be wearing it.
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    Default Re: Wristbands tethered to camping pass?

    Thank you very much!

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    Default Re: Wristbands tethered to camping pass?

    If true, how is vividseats selling car camping passes (marked up 300% of course)? I called and reviewed the policy with the salesperson, he checked with his manager and they insisted they stand by their guarantee. Vividseats is a reputable company and I've never had any issues, seems odd. Stubhub on the other hand is not selling them due to the stated policy.

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