Fuck all of these flash in a pan queers you guys book every year. Why the fuck hasn't one of the biggest and most badass alternative rock bands from So-Cal ever been booked at your shittyass festival? Stop the hipster cockfest you guys throw each year and show some goddamn respect to musicians that have had a prolonged career of asskickery like Incubus. I don't want to see David Bowie or that faggottt from the Cure up on stage singing about how they're sad little pussies or to see those two french douches from Daft Punk wearing their little space helmets pressing play on their laptops so a bunch of imbecilic tools from silverlake on ecstacy can dance like short bus riding kindergarteners. Incubus has been rocking hard and plowing groupies for over two decades. They were blowing minds before your daddy busted a nut and birthed your conformist hipsterdom cranium. It's a fucking farce that Incubus has never been booked at Coachella. Suck a dick Goldenvoice. FUCK YOU GOLDENVOICE!!!!! BOOK INCUBUS!