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Thread: Nirvana "Bleach" era

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    Default Nirvana "Bleach" era

    Enjoy some of these videos from Nirvana's 1989 tour. The band, which didn't include Dave Grohl yet, had just embarked on its first national tour following the release of their debut album, Bleach-their set that day included "Dive," "Love Buzz," and "Polly." This was the band's last show with second guitarist Jason Everman.

    July 18th, 1989
    the Pyramid Club (NYC)

    And now, "please welcome, Sub Pop artists Nirvana..."

    July 13th, 1989
    Maxwell's (NJ)

    1989 interview with Kurt in which he mentioned that their music was going in a slightly different direction. The following year, Krist and Kurt auditioned Dave Grohl, knowing "in two minutes that he was the right drummer."

    "The early songs were really angry... But as time goes on the songs are getting poppier and poppier as I get happier and happier. The songs are now about conflicts in relationships, emotional things with other human beings. Most of the lyrics on the Bleach album are about life in Aberdeen."

    1989 Bleach Tour Clips Hilarious...

    June 25th, 1989
    Sun Club (Tempe)

    June 23rd, 1989
    Rhino Records Westwood (LA)

    September 30th, 1989
    Cabaret Metro (Chicago)

    May 26th, 1989
    Green River Community College (Auburn)

    October 11th, 1989
    The Garage (Denver)
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    6/20 Grizzly Bear/Spoon @ BRIC
    6/21 Richie Hawtin @ Output
    6/22 Gang Gang Dance @ Elsewhere
    6/22 400PPM @ HOLO
    6/23 Fischerspooner @ BRIC
    6/24 Tuskegee @ BK Mirage

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