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Thread: Rancid 2014

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    Default Rancid 2014

    Life Won't Wait and ..And Out Come the Wolves are two of the best punk albums of the last 20 years. I saw them live recently and they were awesome. It's time for them to play Coachella

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    Anything is possible...

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    While I agree with Life Won't Wait (that was even my screen name on the original Coachella message board,) I think most Rancid fans would consider Lets Go as the better album. Wolves is inarguable though.
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    Didn't Tim Armstrong come out and say a couple years ago that GV doesn't want them playing Coachella or some stupid shit? Or was all that made up?

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    Tim was there in 2012, backing up Jimmy Cliff (ugh)
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    rancid? well, its time for the "pay for your funeral tour".
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