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    Ground Control to Major Tom.

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    yo gusto. The song, the media image (a shot underneath a shot of El Hombre Invisible from the early '70s when Bowie hung out with WSB, whom was living in London at the time), the surprise. Awesome.

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    This thread needs more speculation.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikebspeedracer View Post
    it was so dark i wasn't sure if i got blood on her or not. o well i guess thats the chance you take dancing with strangers on drugs.

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    but guys it's a march release date! and coachella's in april! and the lineup's not out yet! and he has two different color eyes so he's a total shoe-in for coachella! one color for each weekend! so plur!
    Quote Originally Posted by psychic friend View Post
    the best songs are the ones that dont remind you of anyone in particular yet still give you that utter euphoric contentedness of perfection in your mind, body and soul. keep them close.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boourns View Post
    A bag of doritos > RHCP > getting kicked in the balls > Mumford & Sons > skinned alive > Macklemore
    Quote Originally Posted by elliottb View Post
    Ohh god, you guys are so fucking sensitive. Yes there is potential to get laid at Coachella if you camp or are willing to have sex against the fences by the Sahara.

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    yes, and let's wear black, round-brimmed hats like Isaac from Children of the Corn and the Jack 'The End of Way it's Always Been' album cover

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    It's the only thing that makes sense...
    Youth, you son of a bitch, where did you go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Emma Ocean View Post
    so I assume you've never been cunt punched at a festival? Well lucky you!

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    Yeah, maybe Bowie and Mick could have a Coachella hook up. For old times sake.

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    bowie would be great.

    hmmm, they could bill morrissey for the same day and they can fight about who is "opening" for who again...

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    How can he torment us with a March release date? What a tease
    Superfan will be in front of the Fonda masturbating furiously to a photo of him taking a photo of a band. Set is from 8:05 to approximately 8:05:15. Guest list only.

    Upcoming Shows: Spamalot (7/31), HARD (8/1) 2001 Space Odyssey with LA Phil (8/12), Opeth (10/18), TOOL (10/31), Coachella 2016 (WK1), David Gilmour (Wherever I need to go)

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    "David Bowie's wife drops strong hint that the veteran singer may tour again"

    His wife said "We'll have to go visit him, but we (referring to herself and their kid) won't be on tour with him because she's in school."

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    Loving his new album already. He hasn't missed a step.

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