I like Lotus but they come to Japan fairly frequently, so I have no qualms about missing them this time around.

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Not worth just keeping it for access? Didn't realize the PG was for campers only. But you could get in by staying at the Prince?
I guess it would be nice to have access, but I don't think it's worth 3,000 JPY. Thankfully, I think I found someone who is willing to take the camping ticket off my hands, so no PG for me.

And alas, I am not staying at the Prince this time but at some random inn. I'm sure the quality is a lot lower (not that the Prince is some kind of five-star hotel either, but in the context of Fuji Rock it's the freaking Imperial Palace), but on the bright side it's a lot cheaper. And it's also very close to the venue.

Waiting with bated breath for fujirockers.org to release the food lineup...