In celebration of the Bday of Co-Founder Alan2, INCOGNITO presents a Dual Label Night:

BLACK ASTEROID is one of only 8 Roster Artists of CLR and a Recording Artist of Brood Audio. He is 1/2 of MOTOR, which has toured the world with Depeche Mode and shared the stage with Daft Punk & Kraftwerk. ERPHUN is the Label head of Brood. DRUMCELL is a recording artist of CLR and the co-founder of Droidbehavior.

BLACK ASTEROID (CLR, Electric Deluxe, Motor, LA Debut)
ERPHUN (Brood Audio, 8 Sided Dice, Herzeblut, Sleaze)
DRUMCELL (CLR, Droidbehavior, Electric Deluxe, Sleaze)
Andrew S vs Dr. Meowmans (Dirty Epic)
Sneadles (Highbrow)
VJ Vickikow / System by Turbosound

Presales or RSVP with password by asking staff or posting your email on the FB wall below and going to