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    This will be my first time going I am still curious on what I need to have ready to buy my ticket? Also may I make my payment with a Debit card?

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    a debit card will work fine, however, make sure you have very high speed internet. Tickets usually don't last more than a few minutes.

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    If you can, use iPad or mobile device. For some reason I was able to get through within 5mins while my laptop took 20. Sign up to.

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    When the sale date is announced, they'll post borderline anally specific recommendations about what cards to use, how to set up an account prior to the sale, etc. Virtually everybody will ignore them and then complain because their card was rejected, they wasted time setting up an account and lost the chance to get a ticket, etc. Don't be that person, and do everything ahead of time.

    Get in the waiting room early, I got in an hour or so before the last few presales and got in within 5 minutes, this is probably just a coincidence though, but it doesn't hurt. If you didn't jump on the pre-sale, I think you have to mentally prepare yourself to be flexible with either weekend. Last year, Weekend 1 sold out in like five minutes or something silly, and Weekend 2 sold out in a couple hours. I honestly think this year will be crazier regardless of the lineup, just because of the general trend the past several years. Good luck.

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    id suggest that you just go for weekend 2... weekend 1 will be nearly impossible to purchase.

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    If you're in the market for a travel package you can buy tickets and hotel now without having to worry about on-sale-roulette.

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    make sure your debit spend limit is high so your card does not get rejected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthehorn View Post
    If you're in the market for a travel package you can buy tickets and hotel now without having to worry about on-sale-roulette.
    Or if you still want to camp you can take the Lake Eldorado route.. expensive but imo worth the money if you have it. I would do it this year if I wasn't a student and if I was still working.
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