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Thread: Daft Punk* Rumor's...

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    Default Re: Daft Punk* Rumor's...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Litoris View Post
    This is sonicc's alias troll account obvi, duh
    Sonicc is a troll anyway.

    But when I read the first post I immediately thought of him.

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    Default Re: Daft Punk* Rumor's...

    Daft Punk*

    *(meaning Steve Aoki)
    Quote Originally Posted by ruetheday View Post
    I don't fucking care. I don't even know who the hell Dave Wang is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Devin the Dude View Post
    you used to be that guy that just Dave Wang's everybody. that guy. he's gone now, and whoever you really are showed up, and that was utter disappointment.

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