Ah, Coachella. How you love us long time.

Did anyone see Monarchy play in 2011? It was hands down one of my most memorable shows of the whole weekend. For me it was the fact that I was early to the stage, got a great spot, and saw something really special that I'm not sure everyone else caught. It might be hogwash, but I saw the band being quite nervous. They were all huddled around each other, looking timidly towards the crowd. You could feel a sense of nervousness from them. They all put there hands on each others shoulders, had a little pow wow, and then walked on stage. It was that feeling of seeing the next big thing when they are nervous that just made the show all that better.

The first opening track proved their nervousness. The singer was playing the slowest song on the demos/EP that had released on the web and was a little out of tune right at first. It took them one slow song to get the hang of things and then... PURE MAGIC. I've been itching to see them live again in any and all fashions. DJ set, live set, coachella, or pit stop from a tour in Las Vegas. Here's to hoping we get to see them at coachella 2013 (or a similar band of fresh discovery).