So now that the S.S. Coachella experiment has come to a close, the big question remains: will there be another S.S. Coachella cruise?

Most of the articles written about it have expressed some criticisms, but generally the reviews seem to be positive. Some tweaks will have to be made, I'm sure, but it seems like it was a fairly successful venture. The cost is of course an issue, but I believe once word gets around about how enjoyable it was, people will happily save their pennies for the next round or maybe there could be a payment system or something. I certainly thought it was worth it and I've yet to come across a single person who was there that said they wouldn't do it again. Granted, with money being tight, there would have to be an artist playing that I would like to see to go again, but if that weren't an issue I'd go just for the fun of it. And if there is an artist playing that I like, you better believe I'll be on that boat.

So, do you think Goldenvoice will continue its sailing festival or will this be the last of the S.S. Coachella? For those of you that were skeptical, after hearing the reports is it something that appeals more to you now or do you think it's still a silly idea?