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Thread: Alicia Keys 2013

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    Default Alicia Keys 2013

    New album out.

    Tour starts in May, in the UK, so she's available.

    Broad appeal across the board to both mainstream and alternative audiences.

    Appeal to both the younger and older concert goers.

    Fills that "R&B/Soul" slot.

    I'd personally love to see this as a Friday night headliner. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Alicia Keys 2013

    I don't think she would headline, but I would be down for her to be there. She's definitely one of the most legit mainstream r&b singers on the scene. The girl's got pipes.

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    Default Re: Alicia Keys 2013

    YES only so i can c dat ASS in person
    oh and fuck swizz beatz tuncan sam lookin'...
    Bjork can get the "D"

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    Default Re: Alicia Keys 2013

    would have been pleasant, but not happening:

    New York, NY Madison Square Garden Thu Apr 11 2013
    Atlantic City, NJ Mark G Etess Arena Sat Apr 13 2013
    Washington, DC Verizon Center Sun Apr 14 2013

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