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Beardyman is neither a DJ nor does he mix records. Also, I think you guys are getting way too ahead of yourselves imagining that people that popular will be playing the new stage considering that the guy who's curating the stage is some radio dude nobody's ever heard of. Thank you.
Bentley is actually quite well known on the West Coast and was a staple DJ in the glory days of the party scene in LA & SF.

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from the 9:20 mark forward in this video, what exactly do you think beardyman is doing? Looks to me like he's beatboxing, making his own beats, mixing them, freestyling, twisting effects & changing tempos. Kinda like a DJ does.

if he didnt play this new tent, what tent do you think he is more likely to play?
Except that HE ISN'T FUCKING JOCKEYING DISCS which is what a fucking DJ does. Real DJs play vinyl. I'm sure that we can argue medium all day long, but there is something about the fragility of that little needle in the groove that makes it special.