I have tried to read through some of the posts on here, and frankly, there are just too many people that post shit. I wish you could come to a place like this and get some decent, well or seemingly well informed info. So bash and flame away, just hope to see a good post or two and maybe a bit of info.

What I have concluded myself.

That they are working on an album, but a buddy of mine with concertconfessions.com out of LA said that the riffs on the album are half done, but Maynard has all but gone MIA. SO will this end in time, and if so is that time frame too late for a April concert like this.

Also I hear that they may be playing Ozfest in Japan a few weeks prior, if that is the case then I would assume that the chances are better for this happening as well, but just the same, wouldn't the album be out first usually?

Thoughts, inside info, anything? either way I have my tickets for both weekends as I live here in La Quinta, but just was wondering if maybe someone knew something.