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Thread: Sahara Tent say no to top 40s music

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    Default Sahara Tent say no to top 40s music

    Just because brittany spears and made a song with an electronic bass line does not mean they should be on the line up...please dont do it. we have heard all the r&b/pop artists with their edm inspired tracks playing out on the radio this year...
    the artist booked in the sahara tent used to be rare acts that u cant just catch at some vegas pool party. they came ready to rock the hell out of that tent and play like they gave a fuck about the music they were showcasing. with original hard tunes that kept that tent dancing non
    stop.. wowing us, giving us their freshest and thier best.

    Dont torture us with vanilla ass generic overplayed radio dance anthems on repeat again for this years Sahara tent. So unnecessary, annoying, irritating and insulting. Its like last years talent just proved how stupid everyone is. They think their fans are stupid or too fucked up to notice. getting payed to play a set that is like listening to a cd.. no mixing, originality or effort to get the crowed going and oppertunities to dance are short lived and swamped by these extremely long vocal breakdowns .. wtf that music is on the radio for a reason... driving music only... not dancing. so not what live sets are about. I mean thousands of morons stood around listening to the same like 5 songs that just played over and over again all weekend, singing along starring at the dj like hes a band ...just standing starring & singing along..

    In 11 years {not attending 2011} last year was the first time i was let down ever... it was a joke, when did it it become ok with talent to have their sets predictable, lack luster, with no originality and playing the same shit as the last guy . that they think its ok to not deliver at a music festival. assuming its flooded with people there to just party, who are not there appreciating the music. so because of that assumption there ok with half assing it,,, even if the talent is all playing the SAME shit... its all good because these people dont know shit. at 350 a ticket we are the ones getting played harder then those tracks! so by having rihana or usher show up to sing half assed vocals on a pre recorded track is suppose to make it all worth it? this is coachella not some random awards show with special appearances .... i could give a fuck, i just want to dance and hear great music. That top 40s nonsense does not belong at coachella or the Sahara tent especially with all its history of amazing artists,producers, and djs that have rocked that stage in previous years, it deserves nothing but the best talent. last year was mad over kill on mainstream radio edm .. a full weekend of it was absolute torture. i couldnt even drink it sucked so bad...i knew the words to those boring anthems after day 1... i had to throw in the towel on that tent in the middle of day 2... i couldnt take anymore irritating shit. it was pissing me off.

    The only thing that needs to sell out are tickets...both weekends sold out without a lineup. this year no excuses. to sell out musically, especially with electronic music, after selling out the show would be about the dumbest thing ever & completely pointless. why go mainstream, when the balls in your court, you have all the creative power to book who ever the hell you want because people are showing up regardless. if this year is another mainstream line up, it would show a great disregard for that genre of music and the amount of thought put into it. it would also show lack of respect and consideration for the loyal long time guests investing on this show.

    Coachella has always been the land of legendary performances by iconic artists to fresh new musical experiences in all genres and original sets by the edm artists. buying tickets for a decade most of the time pre lineup is trusting in the events coordinators in a big way. with the exception of last year... coachella has always done me right..which is why i have faith in you.... coachella has set realistic standards & realistic expectations of nothing less than an exceptional linups & a fucking great show .... no bullshit.
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