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Wow that sounds pretty surreal. Jarvis, James and Grimes? I was unware that it was such a down to earth environment. I'll definitely have to consider attending next year. Thanks for the sharing your experience.
You're welcome.

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Stella from warpaint treated me to a michelada
Everyone should treat you.

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Looks like I better start saving for the next Coachella cruise. I was doubtful at first, but it looks awesome.
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Great pictures sir! Makes me wish I had the money and the time to go, maybe next year..
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Looks like fun. Count me in next year
Hopefully we all can make it if it happens.

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Hey, your pictures are always great! Keep up the good work. I wish I had the time/money for the experience you had. Super jealous you got to see Pulp play one of their last shows ever

BV posted more pics by Greg here if you're interested:
Day 2:http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archive...chella_we.html
Day 3:http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archive...ella_we_1.html
Thanks. Not "always great". You know i have plenty of shitty ones that i get to see to maintain my insecurities.

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I doubt that those are the last Pulp shows ever .
i hope this is the case. They are so great live and it would be terrible if they don't get together again in the future.

Beginning Day 2 on the next post.