Hey everyone!

My cousin and I both need a ride to Coachella from Burbank, CA. We are most likely going to Coachella for week 1, and if anything we may trade tickets for week 2.

We both -ONLY- have money to buy our passes. As cheap assed as this may sound; but could we also crash with you if you give us a ride? I should point out my age before anything awkward happens. I'm actually 17 years old, and my cousin's 23. Like i mentioned, we can't afford to get a hotel room or drive up there/camp. This also might be more to ask, but my cousin and I would like to arrive at Coachella a day before and get back the Monday after, which would be the best if anyone has that same plan. If not, we'll still be grateful to at least get a ride to and from there.

If you are willing enough to give us a ride to Coachella and back home, please email me at matt0947@hotmail.com with the subject line that has something to do about extra seats for Coachella. Please include the week you are going and a place we could meet up at in your email, and if anything a phone number if you are willing to meet up with us before Coachella.