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Thread: edc vs tomorrowland?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    I would never expect anyone to not take a paying gig, regardless of the promoter.
    LOL....this is just funny...

    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    Taste is subjective, i get that, but just because they throw a giant event such as EDC doesn't mean it's good. It just means a lot of idiots are willing to waste their parent's money on shit like that. Also they book essentially the same shit year after year. How many incarnations of Swedish House Mafia can they really get before people start to get tired of it?
    Just because you think most of the music is cheesy or shitty doesn't mean it makes it a bad event, maybe in your eyes, but objectively speaking...also you're only mentioning one aspect of the event which is the lineup and yeah that may be what you and some people only care about but there are a lot of people who care about other things.

    If you don't like it then don't're posts are pretty pathetic just repeatedly hating on them when you know a ton of people enjoy them, you're unable to and that makes you feel uncomfortable or something so you have to try to insult others for enjoying them?

    fuck off, you're literally some nobody and you haven't said anything that shows that you have more knowledge of event production than any common person, so your opinion isn't weighted more than anyone else's. stay bitter, Richie would probably laugh in your face at the shit you're saying realize that coachella has also had every incarnation of swedish house mafia as well right? I don't think you could have picked a worse example to try to show what makes insomniac's booking particularly shitty
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