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    Sorry if there's another thread similar to this, I tried searching and got nothing, so hopefully there isn't. Anyways, like most of you I'm sure, for me songwriting is a huge factor when determining if a song is amazing or not. What are some of your favorite song lyrics off the top of your head? (P.S. please list the artist and song which it's from)

    I'll go first.

    You say you feel like you're dead
    Oh well, I think it's just those books you read
    You say you can't feel a thing
    I'd like to break a chair across your back
    And throw you in the ocean
    Then tell me you don't feel a thing

    "Sleepy Joe" - Smog/Bill Callahan
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    No one means what they say
    And you can tell as clear as deep-sea fish
    All internal organs and glowing eyes
    I've been good, I've been busy
    I've realized my friend's true intentions
    Cut all ties
    I've been doing ten thousand pushups a day
    Plastic cube filled with pus that sits atop my supervisor's desk
    The feeling of ice on the inside of a wrist
    Always tired, need a nap
    I have to make myself brush my teeth
    I've made a list of everything I've ever owned
    When the days bring nothing new
    And the sound of laughter makes you sick
    And snide
    You know you've got... you've got the jitters.

    "The Jitters"- The Dismemberment Plan

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    Default Re: Favorite Lyrics

    Hah thanks for replying to this failed thread! I must admit I'm a little bummed it didn't "pop off"

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