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Thread: question about shuttle for pink line Shadow Hills RV Park

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    Default question about shuttle for pink line Shadow Hills RV Park

    Has anyone stayed at Shadow Hills in the past and able to shed some light on what the situation might be for people who want to take the shuttle but aren't actually staying at the RV park?

    I'm flying in from Chicago and staying across the street from Shadow Hills in my aunt's house in the Sun City community. I was so excited thinking this was going to be the most convenient Coachella ever because I could just walk across the street to Shadow Hills to catch the shuttle to the polo fields and not have to worry about transportation. Then this morning I was going over everything and sort of buried in the information about shuttles it says that the pink line is for Shadow Hills guests only. I swear I never noticed this before I picked my shuttle line. I emailed Valley Music transportation to make sure I could still use my pass and they said the reason for the disclaimer is the RV park is strict about who they let on the premises, sorry for the inconvenience! So I'm still confused as to whether I can still use my pink line shuttle pass.

    I thought I would ask here for insight and suggestions before I call Shadow Hills and bring attention to myself. I know the RV park is gated and I don't recall a walk through entrance. I really don't want to worry about sneaking on to private property for three days. I thought having a wristband and a shuttle pass would be enough to get me to the shuttle.


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    I stayed there last year. There were a couple of people I talked to who did that and didn't have a problem. I'm guessing that as long as you don't call attention to yourself it shouldn't be an issue. There was plenty of foot traffic.

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    Default Re: question about shuttle for pink line Shadow Hills RV Park

    Thank you mlujan! I'm going to stop stressing about it then.

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