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Thread: Savannah Stopover 2013 March 7-9

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    Default Savannah Stopover 2013 March 7-9

    Savannah Stopover 2013 Lineup
    of Montrťal
    The Whigs
    Mac DeMarco
    Jonathan Toubinís Soul Clap & Dance Off
    Dent May
    Delicate Steve
    Turbo Fruits
    The Last Bison
    Ben Sollee
    Country Mice
    Cheyenne Marie Mize
    Bronze Radio Return
    Royal Canoe
    Sean Bones
    Yip Deceiver
    Calvin Love
    Henry Wagons
    You Wonít
    Field Report,
    The Peopleís
    this mountain
    Christopher Paul Stelling
    Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
    William Tyler
    Jacco Gardner
    Chris Cohen
    Sun Club
    The Wild Feathers
    We Canít Enjoy Ourselves

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    Default Re: Savannah Stopover 2013 March 7-9

    I fully expect this thread to die a slow death, but this festival is a ton of fun. Savannah is a beautiful little Southern city with the largest historic district in the country and no open container law. As in, you can buy a beer at a bar/venue, pour it into a "to go" cup and drink it on the way to the next venue. The last couple years have had Grimes, The War on Drugs, The Men, Turbo Fruits, Oberhofer, DIIV, etc.. The artists seem to love the hospitality and the city and it shows in the performances, in my opinion. Venues have ranged from fairly typical, to pretty amazing and/or weird (museums, tiny, hidden ampitheaters, used clothes stores, they closed down one of the historic squares for the opening night last year). Anyway, I think early bird tickets are $50 for the weekend, so it's cheap, too. If anyone from this board comes, I will personally buy them a beer or two.

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    Default Re: Savannah Stopover 2013 March 7-9

    I'm actually planning on to be in Savannah the week after this possibly.

    Savannah is one of my favorite cities to visit, the structure of the city is relative to its history (its not like your average city's "design"), and there's alot to do see and do at any given time. They also do an awesome St. Patrick's Day festival. And yes, the lack of open container law means that bars actually have a "to go" section. Pretty cool.

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    Default Re: Savannah Stopover 2013 March 7-9

    Added Thurston Moore's new band Chelsea Light Moving. And a dozen other bands that I now need to research. Hunters, out of Brooklyn, seem to be my speed.

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    Default Re: Savannah Stopover 2013 March 7-9

    This thing is in my stomping grounds for cheap, so no way am I not going, but holy shit the Chelsea Light Moving stream on NPR has instantly got me twice as stoked for this festival. Also, Sweetwater is sponsoring this year instead of PBR, and there's a Moonshine sponsor, soooo......... there's that. Mac DeMarco is looking like fun, too, after Thurston and a lot of legal, walking around, drinking in an insanely historic small city that breeds sludge metal. Yep, stoked.

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