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Thread: Finding Coachella sets (video)

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    Quote Originally Posted by menikmati View Post
    Though the more I think about it, if I made a special section on the site that was only accessible by members (and approved members at that) with the dropbox links inside that, then that could work...would be pretty secure I think...might be the best option.
    That's exactly what I suggested :P
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    Default Re: Finding Coachella sets (video)

    Quote Originally Posted by gaypalmsprings View Post
    I just got chills from watching this.
    Quote Originally Posted by lolswaglol View Post
    I don't see people on the map. somebody please help. does this mean coachella is canceled?
    Quote Originally Posted by fear_the_tree View Post
    I'm fairly convinced you can take over the world with zip ties and duct tape.
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